Help me oppose evil

Far more harm has been caused by those just following orders or legislation than has ever been done by those refusing them


Over twenty years ago, I blew the whistle on MI6 funding an Al Qaeda assassination operation.

To this day, the British government has never heard my evidence.

Although then Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, branded my disclosures ‘pure fantasy […] with no basis in fact’ — after having me imprisoned in France — a genuine CX report confirming a conspiracy between MI6 and the Islamic Fighting Group or Al Qaeda in Libya was published on the internet in 2000.

People tell me all this was a long time ago.  But the British people always have a right to know whether the state is employing quasi-police bodies to murder people because this affects everyone’s safety and freedom.

I’ve had numerous attempts on my life over the years and have seen the government cover up the obvious assassination of whistleblower Dr David Kelly — as well as failing to address the inconvenient evidence that shows that the official story of 9/11 is physically impossible.   The govt also tried — and failed! — to cover up Hillsborough and Bloody Sunday.

In the last two cases, people had to suffer for decades because officialdom chose to believe the false accounts of soldiers and policemen, who were in fact covering up their own crimes.

Yesterday a soldier was finally charged with murder for gunning down unarmed civilians, which provoked 30 years of civil war.

I am pleased to say I was instrumental in rebutting false evidence put forward by MI5 to blame Catholics for the massacre.

Because I have stood up to the murderers and terrorists in government in ways like this, over time journalists, editors and private backers have been warned off. Effectively blacklisted, by 2009 I found myself with nowhere to live and no money.

By God’s grace, I’ve managed to survive the last ten years, living on the land on eco-projects (sometimes being violently and unlawfully evicted); sleeping on people’s floors and living in a caravan by the side of the road.

Despite having no certain income or permanent place to live in that time, I’ve managed to research, write and design websites like The Third and Final Testament and for The Life of Dave film (to be published shortly, see below).

I’ve published two books The Organisation and The Law :

Although my books have been published for a while now, I have been unable to promote them because of:

  • of lack of access to the internet living outside;
  • of people pulling promised investment at the last minute; and
  • I’ve been otherwise busy just trying to eat and keep a roof over my head.

If you could buy one or both or mention/recommend them to your friends, I’d be very grateful.

I have now settled on a farm in Oxfordshire and have plans to also make a living from selling eggs, honey and veg but I need a small amount of cash up front to get started.

In the absence of those small amounts, I have really struggled in recent months awaiting the release of The Life of Dave, a documentary about my life and whistleblowing.

I therefore ask if you can spare a tenner — or anything for that matter — that might help me get back on my feet until the documentary is released at the end of March.

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