Announcing David Shayler News

Welcome to David Shayler News. Bringing you what mainstream news can’t and won’t say. Stories by David Shayler from the UK and around the world.

4 Comments on "Announcing David Shayler News"

  1. Hi David

    I heard about a new book you have that might be on Amazon UK. I cannot find it. Could you give me the link?


  2. Good morning,
    I am a UK based journalist working for Radio Sputnik’s World in Focus programme and looking to arrange an interview with David. We have met on several occasions in the past through our connection with the NUJ.
    Can you advise how best to contact him? Many thanks, Mark

    • Hello Mark

      Apologies for the lateness of this reply. I am David’s webmaster however I only infrequently check the site comments. I have forwarded your message and contact email onto him. David certainly does do interviews and I am sure he will be in touch if you have not already made contact.

      Best Regards

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